Getting started with C#

Getting started with C#

Getting started with C# : Knowledge Aspire What is C#

C# is a powerful programming language which runs on multiple Microsoft supported environment.  If you want to create a great looking and high functioning application then C# is a great choice.

Why C#

There are a lot of programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Perl and many more. Then why prefer C#? Well, C# is language that is well supported and maintained by Microsoft. Since it uses .Net framework, it offer you a huge source of built-in libraries and great power to create application for multiple devices like desktop and mobile. C# has emerged in recent years and have become one of leading programming language.

How difficult is it to learn C#?

If you have a little experience with any object-oriented language then it won't take long to learn C#. And if you are new to object-oriented language or you are novice to programming then still within 6 months you can get comfortable with C#. In this tutorial we will try to keep things simple and clear so that any beginner will start developing interest in C# and a passionate programmer will end up a professional C# developer and make cool apps to get start a wonderful career in programming. In my following blogs i will cover things step by step. If you found this post useful you are ready to get start learning C#. In my next post i will share a plan to get start with learning C#.

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