Adding RSS Feed to feedburner for email subscription

If you do not have any subscription form created for your readers you might have lacking an important thing because this is the easiest way to update your readers with your new content without bothering them to come your site daily to check updates by them self. If you have created or have a xml file of your website feed you should consider them adding to feed management provider, in our case it is feedburner.

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Feed burner provides you a platform where you will add your feed URL and they provide you a subscription form where your readers will subscribe to your feed and get updated with your latest content through email.

Here are few steps to get you started with feed burner.

Go to the feedburner website here. Login with your Gmail account this will open a following window
adding feed to feedburner
Add your website feed URL in the URL box and click on Next button. This will take you to the following window
adding feed to feedburner

Add Feed tiltle and address of your feed and click on next button. This will show you that your feed is live now and ask you to take step 2 for further options.
adding feed to feedburner
Click on next button which will ask you to check some options add your choices or leave them. Check the last check box of 'I want more! Have feed burner stats also track' and click on next button, this will take your to following window
  adding feed to feedburner

Here you will see the options to manage your feed we want to add email subscription for our website so we will go to the tab publicize and select option email subscriptions from left side menu. Now click on Activate button. which will give you the script to add in your HTML code where you want your subscription form to show.
adding feed to feedburner
Now you can add styles to your form to match your website theme.
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