5 Things to consider before adding Google AdSense in website

5 Things to consider before adding Google AdSense in website
Google AdSense provide a platform for bloggers or any website owners to earn from their website. There are many other options from where you can earn like Pay Per Click or Affiliates. If you still didn't added any option and are thinking about to start any of them then the best way is to start from Google AdSense. Before you Add Google AdSense you must consider few important things in your website to get approved.

We will be discussing five important things in today's post.

Design web pages for recommended ad units

Google AdSense provide their recommended ad units, it is preferable to use their recommended ad unit values. If you still can make changes then you should add those spaces for ads so the more advertisers will attract to your site for their ads. Some of the recommended ad units are given below.
300 x 250 - Medium Rectangle 
336 x 280 - Large Rectangle
728 x 90   - Leaderboard
160 x 600 - Wide Skyscraper
320 x 50  - Mobile Banner

Verify your ownership with Webmasters Tools

Verifying your ownership with webmasters are important because in this way you will have access to how search engine index your site, submit your sitemap, analyze what queries users are searching to get to your website, monitor your website improvement etc.

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Add Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most important feature to add in your website. It will track your audience, their location, browser types, operating system and many more features are available. This way you can analyze that how and from where your audience is approaching you. You can add your Webmasters tool to Google Anlytics to analyze your SEO.

Interaction with Social media

Be sure to post your blogs regularly on social media like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter.  This will increase your website traffic and you will get more impressions in search engines which will increase your chances to get good ads. Google Plus has become most important nowadays as posting your blog in Google Plus will increase your chances to get indexed in search engine.

Post regularly

As you will request for Google AdSense they will be watching closely to review your site that how often do you post and how is its worth. So before applying and after, you must be regular with your quality content. If you have decided to post blogs in any particular field which is called niche that is much better to stick with your niche and view others posts in your niche to be aware of what are they posting and what is the response of their readers. One of the most famous blog search engine is Technorati where you can find blogs in your niche.

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